Home buyer resources

achieving your home ownership goals



STEP 1:  Call a family meeting and talk about your desire and plans to move. Even if it’s just you and a house plant in your family, everyone needs to feel included in the decision. If you have kids (or pets), we have some useful information on reducing their stress and getting excited about a move.

STEP 2:   View our Real Living Home Buyer’s Guidebook

STEP 3:  Have everyone involved in making a decision about your new home write down everything they hope to find in a new home. Compare lists and begin defining your “must have” features versus those that “would be nice to have.” Keep this list handy!

STEP 4:  Set a time to meet with your Real Living Capital City Lifestyle Advisor (CLICK HERE). During this meeting your Advisor will want to know what you really hope to find in a new home (remember your list) and what your time frame is. Give your Advisor a few hours to search for properties that match your criteria.

STEP 5:  Your Advisor will meet with you to discuss available properties and schedule a time for you to meet and go view those homes that are most similar to the home you’re looking for.

STEP 6:  Contact a reputable lender (we recommend Joanne Rotella with Shelter Home Mortgage – CLICK HERE) and determine your financing options and find the best possible mortgage for you.

NOTE: You will want to have a monthly housing budget in mind prior to contacting a lender. Make sure you’re comfortable with the total monthly payment, NOT the maximum you could spend! Your lender will work with you to find a loan (including principal and interest payments, as well as property taxes and insurance) that doesn’t leave you “house poor.”

STEP 7:  Working with your Advisor, narrow your search until you find the home that most fits what you and your family need and want. Refer to your list as often as you need but remember, every house is a compromise. Your Advisor is a resource and will help you identify the “pluses” and “minuses” of any home you’re considering.

STEP 8:  It’s time to write an offer on the property you wish to purchase. Your Advisor will work with you to formulate an offer which represents your best interests, The negotiation may be short or may happen over the course of several days. At this point try to remain emotionally neutral so you’re able to focus on the business at hand – not the dream of ownership.

STEP 9:  Congratulations – you’re under contract!